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  • Welcome to 4Point Taekwondo

    At 4Point, these four pillars drive everything we do:
    • Performance

      We make every effort to improve our students’ abilities in more than just taekwondo. We want to see every child perform better in the classroom, at home, and in the community.

    • Progress

      We are firm believers that it’s not where you start that matters – it’s where you finish. Our team is committed to the progress of every child as they develop into strong athletes and community leaders.

    • Perseverance

      We value the positive impact that perseverance has in our daily lives. We want to teach our students the physical and mental skills to push through adversity and reach their goals.

    • Passion

      We teach taekwondo because we love it. Our team wants to share this enthusiasm with the students and teach them to be passionate about the work that they do.

  • We believe that taekwondo can act as a mentor for the youth in our communities.

    • Healthy Development

      Our program focuses on developing healthy, athletic children through non-aggressive behaviour.

    • Teaching Style

      Our teaching style emphasizes many core leadership values, such as respect, courtesy, and self-control.

    We want to create a community of leaders with a strong sense of self and a lasting desire to maintain their health.

    • The Importance of Community

      We are committed to adding value to the community. Every dollar spent is invested into the future and wellbeing of the program and its students.

    • Specialized Pacing

      Our instructors take the time to develop students at a pace relative to their skill level and desire – no child is ever left behind.

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