For children, life can be distracting. The internet, social media and gaming are parts of our lives, but they can sometimes become a negative influence.

We’re here to help. We help children learn more than just the kick and punches (even though those things are pretty cool). We use taekwondo as a vessel to learn life skills which steer them down the right path. It is our belief that by providing a safe and welcoming environment, we can teach our students the value of respect and discipline through healthy activity.

We’ve helped a multitude of children become comfortable in their own skin. With taekwondo we can help your child become well rounded human being. 

Why 4Point?

It's Like Family

Although Taekwondo is an individual sport, we know we need each other to succeed. At 4Point we hope to create lifelong friendships that stretch beyond the dojang (training space). Achieving that new belt, earning that gold medal or mastering a new kick is always more fun in a room full of encouraging friends.

Individual Pacing

Our instructors take the time to develop students at a pace relative to their skill level and desire – no child is ever left behind.

We LOVE what we do!

Our team of instructors love taekwondo, and the benefits it continually gives us. We also love working with children. It’s a perfect pairing!

It’s our mission to pass on our knowledge to passion of the martial arts to the next generation! 

How to Get Started?

Step 1

Book a Free Trial

Sign up for a free trial class with no obligation to sign on. See if taekwondo is right for your child.

Step 2

Come To Your Trial Lesson

Nervous? Don’t worry. We’re told we are pretty friendly.

Come to class with a water bottle and some clothes you can move well in.

Step 3

Enjoy the Benefits!

Work hard, stay consistent, and reap the benefits. 


15 Grand Meadow Cres, Edmonton, AB T6L 1A3, Canada


(780) 850-6685


Our members love it... Here's Why!

"Excellent! Kevin is an amazing instructor and he makes kids to feel as a part of a family. Place is super clean and organized! Highly recommend it"
Claudia Castillo
"It’s a place where I can relax and be myself. My happiest times of the day are condensed into those precious hours of practice. Silly things are the norm, jokes and roasts fly aplenty, and laughter fills the air. It's a place where kids grow with confidence, worries are forgotten, and warm memories are created. There’s a name for a place like this: home."
Jenny Li
"Both my kids love their classes and look forward to coming each week! The studio is comfortable and has a great sense of community. The instructors are very knowledgable and awesome at teaching young kids. "
T Yu

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