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Discover the Fun and Growth of Martial Arts for Young Children

At 4Point Taekwondo, we are committed to nurturing early physical development through our tailored curriculum, where your child will engage in activities like running, jumping, balancing, crawling, and skipping. This playful and engaging environment not only builds physical literacy but also lays down the foundational stepping stones for their future. Starting from a young age, children in our program learn crucial life skills such as focus, kindness, and manners—skills that are vital for their overall development and future success both inside and outside of the dojang.

Tailored Taekwondo Curriculum for Young Kids. Designed for quick learning and satisfaction, our modified taekwondo curriculum helps children master basic techniques while progressing through our unique SuperKids Stripes system. This approach ensures they receive the gratification of earning stripes and belts at a pace that keeps them excited and motivated.

SuperKids Stripes System Enhance your child’s development with our SuperKids Stripes system, where each belt includes three special stripes that reward and recognize achievements in:

Focus Stripe: For concentration and attention skills.

Kindness Stripe: For empathy and generosity.

Manners Stripe: For polite and respectful behavior.

Class Details

Duration: 30-minute sessions, perfectly structured to captivate the attention of young learners.

Independence: Classes are conducted without parents to foster independence and self-confidence in a supportive setting.

Taekwondo and Life Skills in Edmonton: Our “4Point SuperKids” program goes beyond physical training to instill life-long values of focus, kindness, and manners, using positive reinforcement to encourage these traits.

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We make every effort to improve our students’ abilities in more than just taekwondo. We want to see every child perform better in the classroom, at home, and in the community.


We are firm believers that it’s not where you start that matters – it’s where you finish. Our team is committed to the progress of every child as they develop into strong athletes and community leaders.


We value the positive impact that perseverance has in our daily lives. We want to teach our students the physical and mental skills to push through adversity and reach their goals.


We teach taekwondo because we love it. Our team wants to share this enthusiasm with the students and teach them to be passionate about the work that they do.