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Our personal trainers have post secondary education in the fitness industry and continue to educate themselves.

Individual Attention

The program drawn up for you is specifically designed for you based on injury history, muscle imbalances & your goals!


A trainer will solve the guessing game to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting & Achievement

We'll help you set realistic goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals!

Services We Offer

Personal Training

- Individual attention
- Personalized programming

Group Training

- Train with friends
- Up to groups of 4
- Cost effective

Online Training

- Individual programming
- Freedom of training locations & time


Kevin Mejia


Yes it is! It’s equipped with foam mats & a bunch of other goodies
(see the next question)

Were well equipped!
— Squat Rack
— 451b Olympic Barbell
— Bumper Plates
—Dumbbells up to 401b
— Kettlebells
— Adjustable Bench
— Squat Rack
— TRX Suspension Trainers
— Medicine Balls
— Stability Balls
— Variety of Bands
— Things to Kick & punch!

Of course! We’re very experienced in training people of all abilities
with a variety of goals!

Of course! Who wouldn’t want to learn to kick some butt? It’s great
exercise too.

After a consultation & assessment. a weekly program is designed
specifically designed to meet your needs. You do the workouts on
your own at a gym of your choice. If you need some guidance your
trainer is always one email or text message away.

Absolutely. We can put together a game plan to fit your needs!