• Fit by 4Point

    Feel free to explore our core skills

    • Knowledge

      Our personal trainers have post secondary education in the fitness industry and continue to educate themselves.

    • Individual Attention

      The program drawn up for you is specifically designed for you based on injury history, muscle imbalances & your goals!

    • Efficiency

      A trainer will solve the guessing game to achieve your goals.

    • Goal Setting & Achievement

      We’ll help you set realistic goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals!


    • Personal Training

      – Individual attention
      – Personalized programing

    • Group Training

      – Train with friends
      – Up to groups of 4
      – Cost effective

    • Online Training

      – Individualized programming
      – Freedom of training locations & time


  • Kevin Mejia

    • Personal Trainer for the past 6 years
    • Grad of Nait’s Personal Training Program
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
    • Taekwondo Instructor & Former International Level Athlete
    • Life Long Learner

  • Is this at a martial arts studio?
    Yes it is! It’s equipped with foam mats & a bunch of other goodies (see the next question)

    What equipment is available at the studio?
    Were well equipped! 
    – Squat Rack
    – 45lb Olympic Barbell
    – Bumper Plates
    – Dumbbells up to 40lb
    – Kettlebells
    – Adjustable Bench
    – Squat Rack
    – TRX Suspension Trainers
    – Medicine Balls
    – Stability Balls
    – Variety of Bands
    – Things to Kick & Punch!

  • I AM NOT interested in martial arts. Is a traditional personal training session possible?
    – Of course! We’re very experienced in training people of all abilities with a variety of goals!

    I AM interested in martial arts. Is a traditional personal training session possible?
    – Of course! Who wouldn’t want to learn to kick some butt? It’s great exercise too.

    What is online training?
    – After a consultation & assessment, a weekly program is designed specifically designed to meet your needs. You do the workouts on your own at a gym of your choice. If you need some guidance your trainer is always one email or text message away.

    Can I do a combination on online training & 1 on 1 sessions?
    – Absolutely. We can put together a game plan to fit your needs!